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Your one-stop solution for all your property needs on the Costa Del Sol with Cash Back on every Purchase  and including Free BREXIT Legal, Taxation, Mortgage, Residency, and Property Management advice


Cash Back on every Purchase and 10% Discount on all Professional Fees

Cash Back on every Purchase and 10% Discount on all Professional Fees

Cash Back on every Purchase and 10% Discount on all Professional Fees

Cash Back on every Purchase and 10% Discount on all Professional Fees

Let Splendido Estates be your A-Z, 24/7 Property Partner in Spain. Whether for second homes, retirement, relocation, holidays or investments with just one click let us arrange all of the following for you without any commitment.


  • Legal Consultation including BREXIT giving full transparency on all Spanish Property ownership costs, taxes, legal, and residency requirements
  • Taxation and Accountancy Consultation including BREXIT
  • Property Management Advice on Rentals and assistance for Investors
  • Mortgage, Insurance, and Property Furnishing guidance

Cash Back on every purchase and 10% Discount on

  • Property Purchase Legal Fee
  • First Year’s Taxation and Accountancy Advisory Fees
  • First Year’s Property Management Fees
  • First Year’s Insurance Fees
  • Furniture Package Deals

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Splendido Estates?

A UK registered Company that was created to offer to those looking for a dream home in Spain choice, transparency on costs and support and understanding when buying in an overseas country.

Are you really a one-stop shop , A-Z and 24/7?

Splendido was created ….

  • To give you a choice of thousand of sun drenched Properties in the Costa Del Sol
  • To give you free Legal, taxation and Property advice BEFORE you buy so you have total transparency and the full facts on how BREXIT may affect you
  • To give you full support when you buy
  • To give you a 10% discount on many of the services involved in buying a Property
  • To give you an after sales support service so you are never alone and can enjoy your dream Property knowing that everything has been set up to give you peace of mind.   

 We are truly an A-Z Partner for you

Are the initial chats and advice truly free?

Yes, and there’s no obligation to come back.

Can I truly get all the advice with just 1 click?

Yes, by clicking on the “contact us” button we can get all the advisers to be on one call if it is required so that you can get the full answers to all your questions in one go. That’s how we help and support.

What do you mean by cash back on every purchase?

On every € 100,000 of purchase price Splendido will give you back €500 (plus  IVA which is Spanish VAT). So if for example, the Purchase price is €450,000,  on the payment of the standard Agency Fee, apart from the 10% discount on all your Professional Fees you would receive as set out on our front page, you would also get back an amount of € 2,700 (inclusive of the IVA)

What is included in your free Platinum Service?

Once you give us the basic information regarding your requirements in terms of location, type of property, number of bedrooms and budget we will get our Team to come back to you with a number of choices that best match your requirements including any exclusive offers at great prices.

Once I select some Properties that I am interested in how does it progress from there?

Just contact us and we can get one of our Property Advisers to connect with you and answer all your questions. It is as simple as that.

What if there is a location that is not on your drop-down tab - can you still help me?

Yes, we can. Our network of Agents and their Properties are far too great to put all of them on our site. Just let us know the area and we will send through a selection of Properties in that area.

I don’t speak Spanish - what help is there for me?

All our sales Team speak English and once you have selected a Property and bought it there is an after-sales support service to help you should you need it e.g setting up utility accounts, putting insurance in place, and many more things.